Wednesday, March 10, 2010

November 2009 Events

Happy Thanksgiving!
I had lots of help making the turkey this year.
Savannah helped me wash the turkey.

Holly mixed the stuffing.

Then they each took turns stuffing the turkey.

We baked the turkey at Nana and Papa's and then Doug carved it up!
Savannah, my little crafty girl, made somefestive table decorations out of toilet paper rolls.

Savannah and Papa always get the drumsticks. It's tradition!

Holly isn't real big on the turkey, but she sure loves to eat corn on the cob!!!

Jeffrey even had a bite of our Thanksgiving dinner...if rolls count.

Savannah and I pulled the wishbone...she won. =)

Nana turned 71 this year!

For her gift, I made a photo book including pictures and main events from the past 7 years with her and Papa and the grandkids. It took many hours to put together...and she loved it. =)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Pumpkin Carving Fun!

Doug always does the pumpkin carving with the kids. We bought tons of pumpkins this year so Daddy did LOTS of carving. The middle pumpkin is a Dodge Challenger...of course!

The second one from the left (below) is Holly's name, then the pumpkin Savannah carved, and then the small one has a binky carved into it to represent little baby Jeffrey!

Every year, Doug's work has an office Trick or Treat activity. It's nice because we get to do most of our trick or treating indoors away from the cold. We got lucky this year because it warmed up about 20 degrees from the week before Halloween so it wasn't too bad.
When I asked Holly what she wanted to be for Halloween this year (a week before Halloween), she said, "I wanna be RED!" I suggested Little RED Riding Hood. She said, "YEAH!" She didn't know who Little Red Riding Hood was, but it had the word RED in it and she could wear RED and that's all she cared about. SO...I went to the fabric store, found a simplicity pattern, bought the material ($30!), and sewed like crazy the week before Halloween. The pattern was a bit confusing, but I had help from Nani (my brother-in-laws Grandma) and together, we figured it out!
Here is the dress without the cape. I was so thrilled that it turned out and actually fit her! It was a little long on her (she measured between the 1/2 size and size 1), so we didn't bother with the cute bloomers on the pattern because you wouldn't have been able to see them anyway.

I got Jeffrey's costume at Kid to Kid for $5, three days before Halloween after a last minute decision to dress him up. I love that he held up his candy bar for this picture like, "Hey, I got one too!"

Savannah wanted to be a "pretty" witch instead of the green faced witch with warts, but she did want me to draw a spiderweb and spider on her face.

I drove the girls to a few friends houses in other neighborhoods and then we did a little house to house trick or treating in Nana's neighborhood and ours. Holly kept warm with her cape/hood since I lined it with warm fleece. Savannah was in 3/4 sleeves and managed to stay fairly warm until the sun set and the chill set in. The house next door to Nana and Papa's was giving out cups of Stephen's Mint Chocolate Truffle hot chocolate. It was the perfect temperature to warm our bones and so incredibly delicious! I don't think Holly has ever had hot chocolate before, but she didn't waste any time drinking it down. I thought the hot chocolate was a great idea and luckily we got there before it was gone!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Three of my most cherished blessings

Savannah is 6 1/2 and is in first grade. She just lost her first tooth! She love math, PE and art. She is constantly doing art projects. She loves to make and eat zucchini bread. She is very loving and sweet to her siblings. She is such a big helper around the house and is often done with her chores before I even wake up in the morning!

Holly is almost 3 years old, going on 13. She is very petite...just now getting into 24 month size clothes! She loves to sing and say prayers and her favorite color is black. (Note the color shirt she picked out for her pictures.) She is very athletic and lights up the room with her smile and charm.

Jeffrey is 4 months old and also pint sized, weighing in at a whopping 12.3 lbs.. He is still in 0-3 month clothes and they are finally fitting just right. He is always smiling and rarely cries. He loves to talk and coo and loves all things that squeak. He loves when I sign to him. He just started grabbing his feet with his hands and thinks he is somethin' else when he does it. =)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jeffrey is ThReE MoNtHs oLd!

Mom: "Jeffrey, you're three months old!"

Jeffrey: "Yipeeeee!"

Thursday, July 9, 2009


3rd day post surgery. I think he's feeling pretty good!


Jeffrey's surgery

Jeffrey had hernia repair surgery on Tuesday. He was allowed to eat until 3:30am so I set my alarm to wake him up and feed him just before that for one last time before surgery. We had to leave at 5am to drive to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake to check in at 6am. Luckily, Jeffrey went right back to sleep once I put him in his carseat and slept until we had to take him out of the carseat to weigh him, which was around 6:45am. His surgery was scheduled for 7:30am. I dreaded the hours before surgery when he would be hungry and not know why I wasn't feeding him. But, he did great and took his binky like a champ! I was so proud of him!

This was the first time I saw him after his surgery in first recovery. Poor little guy. The doctor said everything went great though and he did well. *Big Sigh* I was happy to hear that.
They moved him to second recovery pretty quickly since he was doing so well.
Doug was able to come back and see him in second recovery and he and little Jeffrey had a quick nap together. He did great the rest of the day and even the next day. He wants to eat a little more frequently, and be held a little more than usual, as do most kids when they don't feel good. I am happy to oblige. He's a sweet boy and we are happy to have the surgery over with. On to recovery!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miscellaneous pics

This is what the kitchen looked like when we bought our house. Wood floor and laminate counter tops.

Doug ripped out thetile (with help from our friend Garth!) and our Bishop put in tile for us.

Here is what our kitchen looks like now. We replaced the 6ft island with a black distressed 5ft one and replaced the laminate counters with granite. We LOVE it!
Cute picture of Holly...

Random pics of us with Jeffrey

This one cracks me up...

Yes...that is baby puke down my shirt. =}

A visit to GG's.